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Getting ready for a shoot!

 Let’s go!!!

July 2014 in review (slide show)

Instruments at Dusk

20140731_5D Mark III_104082-Edit_WEB.jpg

rainy morning pursuits

20140725_5D Mark III_103162-Edit-Edit.jpg

20140725_5D Mark III_103168-Edit.jpg

20140725_5D Mark III_103157-Edit.jpg

20140725_5D Mark III_103159-Edit.jpg

20140725_5D Mark III_103161-Edit.jpg

20140725_5D Mark III_103155-Edit.jpg

20140725_5D Mark III_103165-Edit.jpg

MM5LogoS2014 for SA.jpg

Who is ready for July Band Camp!!!

MM5LogoS2014 for SA.jpg

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