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another busy week

But I love it. Here are a few images from the week.

20140913_EOS-1D Mark III_109647-Edit_wm.jpg

20140912_5D Mark III_108769-Edit.jpg

20140912_5D Mark III_108723.jpg

20140912_5D Mark III_108808.jpg

20140912_5D Mark III_108840.jpg

20140913_EOS-1D Mark III_109427-Edit_wm.jpg

20140913_EOS-1D Mark III_109314-Edit_wm.jpg

20140913_EOS-1D Mark III_109182_wm.jpg

20140913_EOS-1D Mark III_109312-Edit_wm.jpg

20140913_EOS-1D Mark III_109662-Edit_wm.jpg

20140913_EOS-1D Mark III_109639-Edit-2_wm.jpg

20140913_EOS-1D Mark III_109585-Edit-Edit_wm.jpg

20140913_EOS-1D Mark III_109564-Edit_wm.jpg

Pre-Game 09/12/2014 - NCWHS vs NCHS

It was a cold and eventually rainy evening but the home team won and the visiting 8th grade music students had a good time sitting in with the band.

Here is a link to a short video

To see all the photos click here .

feeling square today

the first week of September

Been a busy week. Check it out!

20140901_EOS-1D Mark III_107574-Edit_wm.jpg

20140901_EOS-1D Mark III_107519-Edit.jpg

20140901_EOS-1D Mark III_107548.jpg

20140901_EOS-1D Mark III_107581-Edit.jpg

20140901_EOS-1D Mark III_107715-Edit.jpg

20140901_EOS-1D Mark III_107662-Edit_wm.jpg

20140904_5D Mark III_107884-Edit_wm.jpg

20140904_5D Mark III_107885-Edit_wm.jpg

20140904_5D Mark III_107896-Edit-Edit_wm.jpg

20140904_5D Mark III_107925_wm.jpg

20140904_5D Mark III_107943_wm.jpg

20140904_5D Mark III_107974-Edit_wm.jpg

20140906_EOS-1D Mark III_108094-Edit_wm.jpg

20140906_EOS-1D Mark III_108175_wm.jpg

20140906_EOS-1D Mark III_108240_wm.jpg

20140906_EOS-1D Mark III_108309-Edit_wm.jpg

Band Parents: are you using the Event page?

I was recently asked about the easiest way to find and order images of your band member. This is a little long but hopefully you will find it of some help. (This also applies to any other group I photograph you would just use that groups event page. Just ask if you don’t recall what it is.)

Use the Band’s Event page to find and order your band members photos!

The easiest way to find and order photos is to sign up at the ‘event’ page; here is this year’s page:

This ‘event’ is a group album I have that will list all of the galleries of photos that I take this season. Just click on this link and follow the directions. They are pretty straight forward. Once you do that you will get an automated email redirecting you to the group page.

From this page you can view any photo from any gallery at full screen size, that way you can easily see who is in the image. When you find one of interest just click on the heart at the bottom of the page:



When you do the heart will turn green.


While you are in a gallery looking at full sized images just click on the scroll arrow on either side of the window or click on the X to return to the gallery view.


In the gallery view you can see which images you have already added to your ‘favorites’ like this:


The white heart in the center indicates that it has already been added to your favorites. (To remove an image just click on the image and once it opens click on the heart again, to remove it.)

Only you see this, no one else can see your favorite choices nor can you view anyone else’s.

At any time you can return to this page to add more images or to view the ones you have already added. If you are in a gallery just click on the link next to the heart to see your list:






Or from the main screen of the event page just click on “View my Favorites”:



This will take you to your favorites list also, same as the example above.

To order your favorites: FS7.jpg


If you click on “Photos from this Gallery” you will see:


If you click on “Buy Photo Package”:


 You will be taken to this page:



Select the package and click on Continue to see this or something like it depending on the package selected:



In this example you would click where it says “Click to Choose Photo” to get started:FS10a.jpg


Click on the image and then the Done button to return here: FS11.jpg

 To select the next image just repeat the process to fill in all the parts of the package. Since all of the photos you are interested in are in the same gallery you do not have to change galleries to get to them.

But if you were ordering from outside of your favorite’s page it’s just done by backing out of the shopping cart, back out of the gallery you are in and select another gallery. When you find another image just open the Buy drop down window and return to the package in your cart. If you are just ordering from multiple galleries without a package it works the same way you can add to the shopping cart from multiple galleries then go to the shopping cart to order.

Back to the package order, once I’ve selected the images to use it will look something like this: FS12.jpg

 When all the selections are made the counter will read zero like this: FS13.jpg


Now you can add these items to the cart. You can add this package to the cart and place the order or you can start over with another package. You can place multiple package order at the same time.

I also have a blog post I did the other day that has a link to a video that explains more about the shopping cart and how to use it that might help too.

Please feel free to share this event (what I referred to as your gallery doesn’t get shared it just lets others get started with their own.) Or click on the Contact link to get to me with questions (as I’m sure I have not covered everything). FS13a.jpg

Using the ‘event’ page makes ordering the easiest and it allows you to keep track of photos you think you might want to order as the season goes along. Put them in your favorites list is just creating a list, you still decide what you want to order, it’s just a list to make things easier for you.

(Here are the instructions for Photo Buttons also: )

Contact me with any questions! If you would like these instructions in a PDF format just contact me and give me an email address to send them to.

Here are the event pages for the last 5 years, in case you are interested in multiple years:

2014 -

2013 -

2012 - and

2011 -  and

2010 - and






It's time to order your band photo button!

Photo Buttons


Traditionally the NCHS Band Parent booster organization has presented the parents of senior band members with a photo button of their student. Unfortunately the Band Parents no longer have access to a button maker.  However, because photo buttons are a great way to show your support for all the hard work your student puts into the band program, we wanted you to know that you can order a photo button of your student. Button sales are for all classes, not just for seniors. As a matter of fact buy a button every year as the profits from the button sales go to the bands general fund!!

First go to photo album that has all of the band headshots, just click here: .

Now find the photo of the band member you are interested in. For example purposes like this one. See the red arrow in the example below? It is pointing to the “Add to Cart” button, click on it.



Now a menu will open up, see the red arrow pointing to “This Photo”? Now click on it.


This is the selection window. Click on the Merchandise tab (circled in Red).


You now have two options a 3 inch or 4 inch button (and a 4 inch button is a BIG button). Select one or the other.


When you have done that you will see that a small window appears around the center of the image. This shows you what the button will look like and you can adjust it when you checkout. If that is all you wish to order in this visit go ahead click on the checkout button in the lower right hand corner.



From the shopping cart you can adjust what will be shown on your button by clicking the Adjust tab, last option inside the red circle. You will see this window if you select Adjust (you do not have to, if the image is the way you want it just click Checkout).


Just click & drag the window to where you would like it and press Save Crop when you are done.



You may now adjust the number of copies you wish to purchase, click the Add Products button to add prints or other items, click the Remove button if you wish to start over or click on the Checkout button to complete your order. 


If for some reason you need assistance in ordering this or any item from Music Man5 Photos there is a tab called “Contact Us” at the top of main page. Just click on that, fill out the form detailing your question and Mark will get back to you as quickly as possible.





a couple of 'found' images

Took these with my walk around camera in the last couple of weeks and forgot about them! 

 Nothing fancy just everyday stuff.

 A board meeting at the school.

 I get board in a class room and my attention wanders.

A commonly asked question

I have had a couple of folks ask questions about how to order lately, so I thought I’d post something to help others that may also have questions.

You can always find answers on my website ( by clicking on ‘Ordering Prints’ at the top of the main page. If you still have questions or have a non-order related question just click on ‘Contact Us’ and you can get in touch with me there.


If you have ordering questions now just visit this page:

What’s this green button for?

8-25-2014 4-13-25 PMC.jpg

Recently a new video on how to order prints was created and you can view it here: the long-format tutorial or if you are in a hurry the short-format tutorial. 
These videos will show you everything you need to know.

My choice for displaying my images are Metal Prints. Here is a short video to tell you all about them, click here.

Again if you have questions or need assistance finding some images just contact me, I’ll be glad to help.

Mark Coons

Getting ready for a shoot! Updated!

 Let’s go!!!

OK, it’s now the next day. Here is the location setup and a result shot.

20140821_5D Mark III_106413.jpg

20140821_5D Mark III_106416.jpg

20140821_5D Mark III_106391_wm.jpg

Thank you Westcott!! Love my Halo!

July 2014 in review (slide show)