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up early on a Saturday morning

I was up well before dawn for one of my favorite things - marching band rehearsal!

Was a short one but productive. Then the band boarded their limos for Indianapolis and their last competition.

20141025_5D Mark III_116569_wm.jpg

20141025_5D Mark III_116576_wm.jpg

20141025_5D Mark III_116578-Edit_wm.jpg

20141025_5D Mark III_116579-Edit_wm.jpg

20141025_5D Mark III_116580-Edit_wm.jpg

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20141025_5D Mark III_116583-Edit_wm.jpg

20141025_5D Mark III_116747_wm.jpg

20141025_5D Mark III_116584-Edit_wm.jpg

20141025_5D Mark III_116585-Edit_wm.jpg

20141025_5D Mark III_116628-Edit_wm.jpg

20141025_5D Mark III_116884-Edit_wm.jpg

A quick look at last weekend.

NCHS Wind Ensemble 10/16/2014 part 2

NCHS Wind Ensemble 10/16/2014

From the "Sirens Call" performed by the Normal Community HS Marching Ironmen

Illinois High School Marching Band Championships

Held at Illinois State University October 11, 2014. A beautiful day and lots of great bands!!

20141011_EOS-1D Mark III_113538-Edit_wm.jpg

20141011_EOS-1D Mark III_113500-Edit_wm.jpg

20141011_EOS-1D Mark III_113841-Edit_wm.jpg

20141011_EOS-1D Mark III_113860-Edit_wm.jpg

20141011_EOS-1D Mark III_114087-Edit_wm.jpg

Things I could see from my seat at ISU Band Day.

 More to follow I’m sure.

Best of September 2014 - slideshow

New Speedlight bag

I usually like to have 6 speedlights on hand, just in case. My 2 primaries are usually in my roller camera bag but I have been struggling for the last year to find a simple way to carry the other 4.

I saw an article where the photographer was carrying his in an old Canon gadget bag. This was a bag I had never purchased! Imagine that. So I started checking to see how expensive they are and they were not bad. But Amazon had one under their brand. the Amazon Basics, that was the same size and cheaper.

So I took a chance because I figured the Canon bag was failrly well made but the Amzon bag is too!



I can get all 4 flashes, 2 battery packs and 2 dome difusers in the main compartment.


The front pocket has plenty of room for batteries, gels and other small accessories.


There is even room in the side pocket for my LED light.


I am very pleased with this product and now I am organized!

Topaz Impressions test shots

Downloaded the trial version of Topaz Impressions. I wanted to see how it faired compared to my favorite Alien Skin Snap Art.

Not too badly. It does some things Snap Art doesn’t and does not do others. It is very fast. Can run stand alone or with in Lightroom. I’ve never cared for the way Topaz had Lightroom invoke their plugins but Impressions is different, just a right click is all that is needed.

Two thumbs up for this plugin, well done Topaz.

20140927_5D Mark III_110845-Edit.jpg

20140928_5D Mark III_111293-EditTI.jpg

20140928_5D Mark III_111299-Edit-Edit.jpg

20140928_5D Mark III_111294-Edit.jpg

20140928_5D Mark III_111303-Edit-Edit.jpg